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Question on SCTR

I was reading about SCTR indicator and looking at some stocks I follow, comparing the SCTR with other indicators I use. On a few of the stocks I was monitoring (UA is one example), there was no SCTR available. Can anyone explain why SCTR would not be able to be calculated on some equities? Thanks!

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  • gordgord admin
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    UA was only recently added to the S&P500 on April 30, 2014.

    As the SCTR ranking calculations use short / medium and long term data to rank a stock within a group, this gets a little more complicated when the underlying group changes. This might be the reason that a ranking is not yet available for UA.

    I suggest you send a question into StockCharts thru the support page tab on the main site, they might be able expand on how these changes in the groups are handled.


  • Thanks much for the quick response.. answer makes sense.
  • where can i find the SCTR for a stock?
  • Hi raulerne, on the Home page you will see a link to SCTR Reports beside the Market Summary and Sector Summary links.

    When you have opened that, you'll find you can use end-of-day or Intraday data to get a list of Large Caps, MidCaps, SmallCaps, US ETFs, or Toronto stocks, showing their SCTR's.

    Also, for any stock for which an SCTR has been calculated, if you go to the SharpCharts view and check the Full Quote option in the Volume section, the SCTR will be displayed with other quote information above the chart.

  • Love SCTR in theory, but IRM in large cap and AAP in mid cap???
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