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DSS - Double Smoothed Stochastic

Has anyone tried to create a double smoothed stochastic? I’ve tried full, fast and slow stochastics with full stochastic smoothing and haven’t quite found one that works. I’ve tried different time periods for both the stochastic and the smoothing and haven’t found the right combination. Any help here would be appreciated.


  • Full Stochastic is already double smoothed. You could try playing with the parameters of any of version to see if you get better results. But, any indicator matches the market only sometimes. Markets take more or less time to make their moves, but (most) indicator parameters stay constant, so at best, any indicator is only an approximate summary of market activity, sometimes better, sometimes worse.
  • MarkD - Thanks for being so generous with your time, helping everyone on this board.
  • Thanks for the kind words, azb.

    Happy New Year, and happy trading.
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