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SCTR Scan showing net change over different time frames

Is there a way to generate a SCTR report for a specific stock list showing the NET change over a time frame as is done by Stock Charts in the summary page?


  • There seem to be two ways to do it with the rank by statement- using the PctChange( ) function, or, by simple subtraction.

    The subtraction method sprouts an error from the advanced editor, but check syntax says its ok and it runs with what seem like valid results (although I didn't check).

    The actual figures show up on the results page, but you lose the figures when you save to a list. But you can keep the order when you save to a list. Also you could try the "download to csv" option if you have spreadsheet software.

    [favorites list is 3] // 10 10 01 00 (w8) XLE OL + + + ENERGY $DJUS OL Integrated Oil and Gas

    //rank by PctChange(5, SCTR)

    //rank by [SCTR - 5 days ago SCTR]

    Choose a list from your Chart List drop down under the scan window - don't type it in - select it and add it.

    Then copy in the two lines that begin with //

    Run one or the other by deleting the //

    You can have only one active "rank by" statement in a scan, and it MUST be the last statement.

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