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How to scan for stocks far below or above the 20sma.

Hi Guys,

I'm pretty new to the scanning engine. How would I scan for stocks that are far below (or above) the 20sma, ideally 8% or more. Also would like to include a dragonfly dogi or a hammer or a morning star (green or red).

Much appreciated.

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  • KevoKevo
    Answer ✓
    Here is my attempt at building your scan:

    [type = stock] and [Country = US] and [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000] and [Daily SMA(20,Daily Close) > 10]

    and [[today's daily Close < SMA(20,Daily Close) * 0.92] or [today's daily Close > SMA(20,Daily Close) * 1.08]]

    and [[Hammer is true] or [Star is true] or [Doji is true]]

    Please Note: I have not fully tested this scan to be sure it meets your criteria. Also, I removed "Morning" and "Dragonfly" from the Candlesticks. This was needed to get some hits. The first clause below the filters return both above and below the 20d SMA. Hope this helps.


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