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need help on this condition.

edited February 2021 in Scanning
i want to scan for stocks that meet this condition. The only gap i have is to figure out how to scan the candle stick pattern as pointed by arrow. here.
a few things on this pattern.
1. 9ema >20 ema for over 3 weeks
2. stocl well over the cloud
3. the daily range is 2 times average range
4. close open-close


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    As I understand it, you just need to add the last candle because you already have the rest of it.

    I think you would code for these conditions:

    it closed down vs. yesterday: close < 1 day ago close

    range is twice as wide as the 5 (7, 10 ? ) day average: range > sma(5, range) * 2

    both the open and close are in the top half of the range:

    open > low + range * .5
    close > low + range * .5

    The low is the lowest in several (10 ?) days: low = min(10, low)
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