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Monthly CMF < 0 but CMF > 0 for the past 5 years prior.

Hi, I'm trying to find stocks that have had CMF monthly go below 0 and then go back above zero. The past 5 years prior to drop below 0 needs to be CMF Monthly > 0. Is there a way of finding this across any year or time period with a scan? I'm able to find it in the present with the code below but i'm looking to scan for at any point in time.

[monthly cmf(20) < 0]
and [3 months ago cmf(20) > 0]
and [
[2 months ago min(100,CMF(20)) > 0]


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    I think you could write it:

    // [exchange is NYSE] // this could be something else - group is sp500, group is energy, etc.

    and [ 0 x MONTHLY CMF(20)]

    and [ 1 month ago MONTHLY min(60, MONTHLY CMF(20)) > 0 ]

    You need the MONTHLY modifier in front of CMF every time you use CMF, even inside the parens of a function like min( ) or sma( ) or ema( ), etc.
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