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MA Cross

Is there a way to look for stocks with a cross of the 22-Week SMA and the 55-Week SMA during today's trading session only?
Both a break above and a break below


  • The scan engine considers the most recent intraday update as the close of the market day, so, if you run a scan during the day and your condition is met, you will get results.

    The crossover operator is "x". It means the left term crosses above the right term, indicating that yesterday's final value for the left hand term was below the final value for the right hand term, but today, the left hand term's final value is above today's final value for the right hand term.

    So, 22 crossing above 55 would be

    and [weekly sma(22, weekly close) x weekly sma(55, weekly close)]

    And 22 crossing below would be the reverse of that.
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