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How to scan using RRG?


I would like to know why it is not possible to scan for stocks using RRG? That option is not available in the scan workbench.

I would ideally like to scan for stocks with JdK RS-Mom and RS-Ratio>100.


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    The reason why scanning on RRG values is not possible is as Kevo pointed out. The scan engine does not support relative values.
    The fact that RRG does not provide trading signals as such does not mean that it would not be helpful to scan a larger universe for some combination of JdK RS-Ratio and JdK RS-Momentum values as part of a bigger trading plan or filter :smiley:


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    Good question. Here are three possible reasons why:

    Scanning Price Relative is not possible in the scan engine. If these two are based on some kind of Price Relative calculation, then that would be the reason why. Also, these two RRG indicators plotted in the indicator window are relatively new. If the scan engine is capable of supporting them, it may not be implemented yet. Lastly, I believe an authority on RRG Charts said RRG Charts do not provide trading signals.

    I am sure Julius_RRG will have a definitive answer.
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    Thanks Kevo.

    I do not want to use RRG to provide trading signals but simply to screen for the strongest stocks and then use other indicators to provide the signals.
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    Thanks Julius.
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