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403 Forbidden

Why am I getting 403 Forbidden trying to get into Stockcharts


  • I just got in, so try it again. Could be a temporary problem at SC, or with their internet provider. If you have more than one browser, try a different one, or clear the cache on your regular one.

    If you still get the message, could be something to do with how your internet connection is getting routed. So log out and re-boot (shut off and turn back on) your computer. If you still get it, re-boot your router (the box that connects you to the internet).

    If you still get it, maybe talk to your internet provider.

    All of this is guess work. I don't know what the problem is, but these things usually work.
  • Turns out it is my VPN. I have to turn it off to use Stockcharts. Only site I know of that does this.
  • @churst Could be a setting for your VPN. I have one, too, and it's no problem.
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