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Close below $5

How do I add a criteria that shows a stock that closed today for the first time below $5 per share in price?


  • There is no All Time Low value that would correspond to the All Time High value, so I think the best you can do is test for the first time price over some selected period. For instance, this looks back over a year:

    and [close < 5]
    and [1 day ago min(251,close) > 5]

    I tested this against the Energy Sector, the Cyclicals Sector and the NASDAQ exchange and each line alone gets hits, (meaning they are valid statements) but the two together gets no hits, meaning no price crossed below 5 for the first time as of the last close. I did get one hit for March 2, 2020 when the market was still crashing. So, the scan works but it probably won't get hits very often.

    P.S. the hit was a good one - very close to the eventual bottom. But then, just about everything bottomed out around that time.
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