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Is it possible to permanently set the user preferred columns in the scan list page

I have 20 inch monitor the page goes beyond my screen
Can they provide horizontal scroll bar at the top of the list


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2021
    On the favorites list page, there is a "columns" button, but selecting or de-selecting columns does not change the width of the table. There is no "columns" button for the scan results page.

    But, I think it's a matter of your screen resolution.

    If you have Windows 10, type in "screen resolution" in the search window at the bottom left, click the icon and choose a different resolution. To get a smaller resolution, choose higher numbers. Mine is 1920 x 1080 on a 24 inch monitor, which is the "recommended" resolution. It might be different on yours. There is also a "scale" choice. 100% is default but you could experiment with that, too.

  • The most important thing is readability. Not seeing anything like an image. So chosing different resoultion is NOT the answer. The service provider should design the web site in a user friendly manner. It realy s**ks now
  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2021
    When you say "the page" - what are you referring to? The member dashboard page, the chart list pages, the scan results pages? Or your individual charts?

    If it's only charts, then you could consider changing the chart size.

    If the answer is "all of them", then it could be a screen resolution problem, or, if you are using Firefox, check the "Zoom" level under Tools/Options/General. If it's above 100%, try setting it at 100. If it's at 100, try setting a little lower (although, I get the whole width of the page even at 150, but it might be different for you).

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