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How Many stocks on NYSE, AMEX< NASDAQ, etc

OK in thinking about 52 wk highs, lows.. ok. But how many stocks are in the Total? I can see the numbers and I know there are values that track the pct. I suppose I could do the math.. but quickly what is the total of each exchange?


  • The real question is how many "issues", since things other than common stocks, like ETFs, ETNs, and preferred shares, warrants, etc. also trade on these exchanges. And, the exact number would change daily as new issues come on to the market and others are de-listed.

    Each exchange has a website. The information may be available there.
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    Ok. I don’t see it on the NYSE website. NASDAQ either. Their marketing statements have things like “ we have over xxxx listings”. No exact number . Reason I’m interested is knowing %new highs, etc
  • If you can find to the daily numbers for advancing, declining and unchanged issues for each exchange and add them up, the total should get you close. It won't be exact, in part for the reasons mentioned above, but also because not every issue trades everyday. Those issues may or may not count as "unchanged".
  • It looks like you can get this w/o a subscription:
  • Ok that does it! Thanks.
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