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SCAN to check to see that stock price has not RISEN more than X over X time period.

I wanted to write a scan that would check over a given period of time that the price of stock is not more than x% above its price say 10 days ago. Or even that it has traded in a range in that given time period. And I want to do this with volume so that I can find stocks with increasing volume daily but the stock price hasn't risen too much. Basically kind of way to identify consolidation. I think I have the volume piece already not sure about the price part.

[type = stock]
and [ [exchange = PINK] or [exchange = NYSE] or [exchange = AMEX] or [exchange = CRYPT] or [exchange is NASD] ]
and [exchange is not PINK]
and [today close < 20.99]
and [today close > 0.500]
and [Volume > 900,000]
and [Streak Up(volume) > 3]
and [Count Up(5, volume) > 3]

*and NOW I want to check to see if the price has not risen above the price the stock was say 5 days ago. Or that it hasnt risen more than 3% of the price 5 days ago for example.

Any ideas appreciated.


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    There's more than one approach.

    If you just want to compare closes -

    and [close > 10 days ago close]
    and [close < 10 days ago close * 1.05]

    That says, today's close greater than the close ten days ago, but less than 5 per cent higher than the close ten days ago.

    If you want to limit the ten day range, based on the low ten days ago, then

    and [min(10, high ) > ten days ago low]
    and [max(10, high) < ten days ago low * 1.05]

    That says no high in the last ten days has been below the low ten days ago (so the stock is not falling), or more than five per cent above the low ten days ago.

    You can fool around with how many days and what per cent change to see what works best.
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    This is great. Thank you. Helps alot.
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