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Windows or Chrome Page become unresponsive in Scan sessions

Hi Everyone.... when I select Scan from my Dashboard, a page opens a scan session. However when I attempt to select a pre-existing scan from the list or attempt to scroll down the list, I get a popup message that the "Page has become unresponsive" and gives me a choice to "Wait" or "Exit." Selecting "Wait" is futile... and I can only "Exit."

1. It is a new computer as of December... fast!
2. The problem occurs in Edge or Chrome.
3. I'm not experiencing this specific issue on any other website.
4. I've uninstalled and reinstalled both Edge and Chrome.
5. I've uninstalled my ESET virus software and am only running Windows Defender.
6. I called Microsoft Tech.... and they completely uninstalled and reinstalled Window 10 and all updates. This process took a while, so we parted and when the install and updates finished... same problem. No help at all.

I haven't called MS Tech back yet... thought I check to see if others have had this problem.

Would appreciate any feedback you all might have.

Larry T. - Extra Subscriber


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2021
    " when I select Scan from my Dashboard"

    Do you mean you select "Advanced Scan Workbench" from the "Members Tools" panel, or do you run a scan from the "Your Scans" panel?

    Do you get the same problem in Firefox?

    I'm just guessing it's a setting for handling new pages or tabs or maybe pop-ups in either one of the browsers you've tried. Look for something like Tools| Options, then settings maybe under security, or maybe preferences for handling new windows or tabs, or something else. Turn them on and off and see if it makes a difference.

  • Perhaps this is due to browsers that run on the chromium engine, try using Mozilla Firefox or Opera Browser

    It would also be easier to understand your problem if you shared the specs about your PC
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