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Stock scan

Scan 1: In stockcharts language is it possible to scan for stocks which have run up between 50-100% in the past
2 to 3 month period (i.e 40 to 60 daily bars)?

Scan 2. Also, can we look for stocks which traded in a range over the last 30 to 90 daily bars?

So then if i want i can search for stocks which fulfill both these criteria.

Thanks and regards


  • scan 1 - the simple test would be, you want the close today to be 1.5 times (50%) greater than the close 60 days ago,

    The harder, but more accurate way would be to test for today's max(10, close) 1.5 times the 50 days ago max(10, close), or something similar. You can play with the max 10 - maybe max 5 or 15 instead) and the 50 days ago - maybe 55 or 45.

    scan 2 - hard to test for a longer range - you can do it with price channels, sort of. You want both channels to be flat for some period of time - flat means today's channel equals x days ago channel. But rarely are prices so smooth that you get absolutely flat channels. So instead, you could test for the upper channel lower than x days ago and the lower channel higher than x days ago. Again, not perfect, but maybe better. Finally, you could test for upper channel less than x days ago upper channel plus y per cent of x days ago upper channel, and upper channel greater than x days ago upper channel - y percent; then do the same for the lower channel. The last version is the most complicated but the most inclusive, potentially - depending on the parameters.
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