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Twiggs Money Flow

Stockcharts does not have this indicator; only the CMF indicator which is excellent except that there is a slight difference and I require the Twiggs Money Flow for a course I am doing. Has anyone programmed it into a preset scan that you can share with me?
I am not keen to have to download and use another charting service though I do know of a couple that offer this indicator. Thanks.


  • I don't think you can do this on Stockcharts. The scan engine does not accommodate some features of a true programming language that would probably be required to calculate a non-built-in indicator - namely variables and recursive structures (loops). Also, as far as I know, the scan engine does not recognize chart engine plug-ins, although maybe I'm wrong about that.
  • Thanks as to why it is not there. Surprising that it can do CMF though.

  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2021
    CMF is a "built in" indicator that the scan engine recognizes. Behind the scenes, the scan engine sends a call a to routine that calculates CMF (probably in C or something similar I'm guessing) and sends back the result. Same with all the other built in indicators - MACD, SMA, etc. But there is no routine to call for Twiggs. If it were public domain, and popular enough, SC programmers might write one. Otherwise SC would have to make a business decision whether is worthwhile to buy it (or buy the rights to it) and integrate it into their system (send calls to the database, convert the data types for output, if necessary, etc).
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