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stock scan

Hello to Everyone,

Is there a syntax in the StockCharts Advanced Scan Editor to scan for the stock price increasing by double or more over the current 6 month timeline where the stock price is in a steady upward trajectory allowing for the buy and sell cycles??

Any help is much appreciated!!!

John Train

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    markdmarkd mod
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    Price doubling is pretty easy - close > x days ago close * 2.

    "steady upward trajectory" has to be expressed in terms of some indicator the scan engine can recognize.

    I would suggest finding some charts that are examples of your requirements and then experimenting to find indicators that might express that behavior. Then get acquainted with the scan tutorials to pick up the syntax to express that indicator's behavior as a scan condition (there are only a few rules for the syntax, really; the rest is logic). Slope comes to mind as a possible indicator, but maybe there is something better.


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