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Writing a scan using "over 30 days"

Guys, need a bit of help.
I am trying to write a simple scan finding stocks that are above the CMF 0 line for more than 30 days. How do I write the "more than 30 days"? Can't seem to find my answer any where or I am just not seeing it.
Thanks in advance for the help.

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  • gordgord admin
    Answer ✓
    I would first start with a review of the scanning tutorials and then review some of the example scans, that should give you lots of ideas.

    Now to get you on the fast track, you need to use the Min/Max over time function. Here's an example, we are looking for the Min value, over the last 30 trading days, of CMF(20), to be greater than 0.

    [type = Stock]
    and [Min (30, CMF(20) )> 0.0]


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