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Scans and Intraday

I just noticed a discussion that perhaps addresses something I've wondered about, which is why you can't create scans based on an Intraday time frame such as 60 minutes. Would it be correct to assume that you cannot run a scan for Intraday periods due to the sheer cost of keeping a large scan-able database updated minute by minute?


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    That was probably the original reason. But I think Grayson said on one of his weekly shows that intraday scanning was coming. Obviously Stockcharts has been investing heavily on upgrades to the site's capabilities, so no doubt increasing server speed and capacity is on that list.

    Of course there is also a support issue - people reporting a scan doesn't work. Very hard to verify data states when real time data is changing constantly.
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    Thanks for the timely news. I did not know that Grayson had made that comment. I was planning to let my subscription expire in July. But with the recent addition of a new generous quota on alerts, and this news, I'll have to have another look at what the alternatives offer in terms of value and reconsider the options.
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