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Why doesn't my SCAN always work when trying to run an Advanced SCAN.

There is nothing wrong with my formulas, sometimes it works just fine but too many times nothing happens….it doesn't RUN the SCAN.

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  • markdmarkd mod
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    One more thing - if you have multiple browsers or browser windows open, or if you are streaming audio or video, or if you have other applications running, those might be competing for resources, too. If you have a home network and some one else is using the internet connection at the same time (e.g., gaming), that could be interfering. If you are not getting some kind of response from the Stockcharts site - either a list of hits, or an empty list, or some kind of error message - e.g. your scan is taking too long, try again later - then you are probably not getting through to the site.

    Another idea - try running the scan through a different browser - for instance, if you are using Internet Explorer, try Firefox or Chrome, or vice versa. If you have high security setting for your browsers, or your antivirus software, try exempting from those settings. You might be getting through to SC, but the SC response is getting blocked.

    I'm just guessing, but maybe it will help.


  • Try the check syntax button to see if the syntax is correct. It will report an error at the bottom if there is a syntax problem.

    You could have a logic problem with your scan.

    Also, your scan could be restricted to the point where no results are returned, or there simply may not be results at the moment. In this case, try back testing by changing the trading days ago field (spelling?) at top from 0 to consecutively higher numbers.
  • If you post a copy of your scan we can take a look at it and see what the problem is.

    Without seeing the actual scan, it's impossible to speculate what the problem might be, or if there actually is a problem.

    cheers Gord
  • There is nothing wrong with the scan because I have run it before. I am I limited the one scan run a day or what ?
  • If you are a paid subscriber you can run as many scans as you want per day. However if you were running complicated server intensive scans every second of the day, I could see StockCharts limiting your share of the server horsepower.

    Not every scan will get hits every day, sometimes no hits is a legitimate and correct scan result. However without seeing the actual scan in question, no one can answer that question. If you are unwilling to share the code for your scan, just change the values to make it meaningless. As long as the code you post gives you the problem then someone here can probably figure out what the problem is.
  • If the problem is intermittent, and you are sure the scan is not running, vs. running but returning no hits, then you might want to check your computer set up, especially if any part of your system is wireless - like the keyboard or the mouse or router - change the batteries, make sure there is no source of interference. Also, check your connection to the internet - make sure there is no source of interruption there. Another possibility is virus scanning or software updates are hogging memory and/or processor resources - or, you have some kind of malware running that is taking up resources so that there is no response to your clicks to run the scan.
  • my problem is that i am not able to save or sort the summary page of my scans. sometimes it saves but most of the time it does not. there are no syntax errors. i am on a 10 day trial period and 'extra' member. can u help pl.
  • gordgord admin
    edited December 2015
    sainathramesh / Please post a link to your scan or a copy of the scan code and one of the volunteers here will take a look at it.

    If you are using the basic scan interface just hit the update criteria button and then copy and paste the URL link here. It will look something like this.|G.0|USAD[T.T_EQ_S]![T.C_EQ_U]![DAS0,20,TV_GT_40000]&id=

    If you are using the advanced scan interface just copy and paste the coding, it would look like this.

    [type = stock] AND [country = US] AND [Daily SMA(20,Daily Volume) > 40000]
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