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Need Help - Stocks Approaching their 9 on ema on the way down

Good morning Mark - I hope you are well. I appreciate all the work you do on this message board helping others. I am hoping I am close on my scan and the answer is simple. But here it goes.

I am looking for stocks approaching their 9ema. so I want them within 4% of their 9 ema.

This what how I wrote it. But I am not getting any results. What am I doing wrong? Thank you

AND [EMA(9,close) > daily close * 1.01]
AND [EMA(9,close) < daily close * 1.04]


  • Hi @samca298

    I get 65 results with this:

    [group is sp500]

    AND [EMA(9,close) > daily close * 1.01]
    AND [EMA(9,close) < daily close * 1.04]

    So the problem is not your ema vs. close conditions. It could be something in your "universe" - the selection of stocks you specified for the scan engine to look at. You may have some things that conflict - e.g. exchange is NYSE ** and ** exchange is NASD - no stocks trade on both exchanges, so you would get zero results. Or, sector is A ** and ** sector is B - no stocks belong to more than one sector, etc.
  • Thank you!
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