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scan skeleton.

markdmarkd mod
edited September 2021 in Scanning
If you are new to scan writing, here's a scan skeleton you can use to structure your scans in an orderly way. Start at the top and work through to the bottom, deleting what you don't use (or leave it for now and come back later). Keep one clean, original copy of this as a scan in your scan list (copy and paste it into a new scan, name it maybe "0000 scan skeleton" so it shows up at the top). When you want to write a new scan, use the "save as" button and give it a new name.

A structured scan makes it easier write, easier to read it and easier to remember where things are later. Everything below "Universe" is optional. For readability, after you are happy with the scan, delete what you don't actually use. If your subscription allows, it can be easier to write a separate scan for each idea you have, rather than putting unrelated ideas into one big scan.

Eventually you can replace this skeleton with one of your own built from whatever you use most often - sectors, groups, market caps, liquidities, SCTR levels, etc.


// If you have a lot of scans, you can forget which one is which. So have the title in the body of the scan at the top.
// It should be something informative like "MACD crossover", not "scan 1".
// Precede the scan name with a number or alpha prefix, like 0001 - MACD crossover. It will make it easier to find and keep in order.
// If your scan is a keeper, copy it to Word or Notes or something as back up.


// what does the scan do and what's the reason for it (maybe cite the symbol and chart date showing a set up you want to capture)



// what kind of symbols do you want to search
// you can select and edit from the "Ticker Properties" drop down in the Scan Components section

// *** some possible ticker properties and sample code ***
// customize to your requirements, or delete if not needed

// * type *
[type is stock]

// * symbol *
// [and symbol not contains '/']

// * name *
// and [name not contains 'Fund']

// * exchange *
and [[exchange is NYSE] or [exchange is NASD]]

// * market cap *
and [market cap > 100]

// * optionable *
//and [optionable is true]

// *** you can also select from symbol characteristics Price/Volume/SCTRS drop down ***

// * price *
// and [close > 1]

// * volume *
// and [sma(63, volume) > 100000]

// * SCTR *
// and [SCTR > 50]

// *** include or exclude membership in indexes or ETFs using drop down ****

// *** indexes and ETFs ***
//and [group is sp500]
//and [group is not ETF]

// *** include or exclude memebership in sectors and industries ***

// you can use the drop downs, or just copy the code below and add/remove "//" as needed

// include all sectors in scan
// [
// [group is EnergySector]
// or [group is MaterialsSector]
// or [group is IndustrialSector]
// or [group is CyclicalsSector]
// or [group is ConsumerStaplesSector]
// or [group is HealthCareSector]
// or [group is FinancialSector]
// or [group is RealEstateSector]
// or [group is TechnologySector]
// or [group is CommunicationServicesSector]
// or [group is UtilitiesSector]

// ]

// selected sectors - uncomment (remove "//") sectors you want to scan
// and [group is EnergySector]
// and [group is MaterialsSector]
// and [group is IndustrialSector]
// and [group is CyclicalsSector]
// and [group is ConsumerStaplesSector]
// and [group is HealthCareSector]
// and [group is FinancialSector]
// and [group is RealEstateSector]
// and [group is TechnologySector]
// and [group is CommunicationServicesSector]
// and [group is UtilitiesSector]


// for Context and Set Up, pull indicators from drop downs and edit:
// - Technical Indicators, Candlestick Patterns, Candlestick Building Blocks, P&F Patterns

// context means longer term chart states, like MAs rising or falling, indicators above or below 0, etc


// set up means a short term changes that could mean a trade is near;
// for example, price crosses channel or indicator line crosses signal, etc.


// many possibilities, but only one per scan run

// rank by sector
// rank by industry
// rank by market cap
// rank by ROC(63)
// rank by ROC(21)
// rank by ROC(10)
// etc.



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    In my profession, I deal with a lot of people constantly. And I know you get told this a lot but you are honestly one of the most helpful human beings out there! Your responses are always so genuine and detailed. Thank you for all your patience, you don't NEED to do it but the fact that you are one of the reasons why you're going to be blessed!!! Thank you again for taking time from your day to do this!!!!!
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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2021
    Thanks again for the kind words. As you might guess, a lot of work went into learning these things, and just as I've benefited in my life from the work of others, I hope others can benefit from mine. As I'm sure you appreciate, a better world is up to each of us, and no matter how small the contribution, it matters. You can't do it alone, but it won't happen without you. Best of luck in all your endeavors.
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