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I am trying to do an analysis of volume, with a scan that brings volume into an excel spreadsheet. There is not plus or minus sign on volume, but the chart shows red negative volume, green positive volume. The price is sometimes positive and volume bar is negative and sometimes the price is negative, and volume is positive. Most of the time the price and volume are the same, that is negative or positive price and the coinciding negative and positive volume. Is there a way to determine how stockcharts calculates the negative volume, red bars on a chart or positive volume green bars on a chart with a scan?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2021
    As far as I know, Stockcharts determines volume direction by the direction of the close - up is green (or whatever color you chose for UP volume) and down is red (or what you chose for DN volume). Unchanged on close is colored the same as the previous bar.

    The colors for the candle stick bars is different, and explained here:

    The bottom line is, if a close is up, but the open is below the close (normally the close would be above the open when the bar closes up), the body is filled in black. It's still an up close, and the volume will be green. If the close is down, but the close is above the open, the candle is hollow but outlined in red (or the color you choose for down bars). It's still a down close, so volume will be red.

    As lmkwin notes on another post, you can download open/hi/lo/close/volume to Excel or another spreadsheet and determine up and down closes and running totals by formula. Scans return symbols only, not data (except what appears on the results page, which does include volume). You could write a scan for one symbol asking for close less than 1 day ago close, or vice versa, and choose a run date, and if the condition is met, the symbol you specified would be returned with the results page data. But you could not scan for all the days with down volume, except by re-running the scan for each date.
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    thanks that is the best explanation i have got so far al
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