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How do I produce a Scan with "between" arguments?

I want to make a Scan

MACD is between -10 and +10
CCI is between 30 and 70

I don't see Anything in stockcharts literature, in how to do this. Does anybody know?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited September 2021
    There is no "between" operator, so you have to build the scan with >, <, >=, and/or <=.


    and [close < 10]
    and [close > 5]

    would look for a close between (but not including) 5 and 10.

    If you want to include the boundary values (5 and 10), you need <= and >=, so:

    and [close <= 10]
    and [close >= 5]

    would include 5 and 10 (and everything between).

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