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Touching the Upper Band

How would I scan for "Touching the Upper Bollinger Band" on a Weekly Chart?
Thank you


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    There probably are better answers but Bollinger Band %b might do it. You would need to decide if you need touching the upper band or just near the upper band by choosing a numerical value.
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    This would capture a non-consecutive crossover for the high versus the Upper BB:

    [group is sp500]
    and [weekly high x weekly Upper BB(20,2)]

    or, you could go for greater than or equal to:

    [group is sp500]
    and [weekly high >= weekly Upper BB(20,2)]

    That would get symbols where the high exactly touches the Upper BB, or a first time crossover (like the first example), or consecutive weeks with the high above the Upper BB.

    Keep in mind that for weekly scans, results from scans run during the week may differ from scans run after the last Friday update (about 6:30 pm eastern, usually).

    Also, the parameters for BB are the defaults. If you use custom parameters on your charts, you will need custom parameters in your scans to check your results.
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