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converting a TC2000 scan to stockcharts

I'm sure this wonderful group can help me with this puzzle! I watched a video on Wishing showing a TC2000 scan to identifies strong stocks that have pulled back and seem to be turning back up. they shared the code for TC2000 which of course I don't have so wondering how this might be re-written for Stockcharts. the code is:

iif((stoc10.1.1<=25 OR stoc10.1.2<=25 OR stoc10.1<=25) AND C>c1 AND (c>xavgc21 or c>avgc30), .99*min15,0)

I think C = price - not sure how to convert "xavg21" or "avgc30"

Thanks in advance for any help


  • I don't know the TC2000 language. There is probably an online manual that might explain some of the built in terms. I think it allows variables so some things might not be defined there.

    xavg is probably exponential MA
    avg is probably simple MA
    C may be today's close
    c1 may be yesterday's close.

    It's saying if the first three conditions are true, do .99*min15,0, but I have not idea what that is.

  • THanks Markd - I'll try your suggestions and see what I get.
  • xavgc21 is ema(21,c) and avgc30 is sma(30,c)
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