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Full Stochastic 20 to 50 crossover

edited November 2021 in Scanning
I try to learn by watching the discussions as opposed to asking questions. Is it not as popular as a other scans? Questions and results on full Stochastic line crossover question between 20 and 50 are old and run into many page not found? I am having difficulty writing a scan to find a crossover between 20 and 50 on a full with 14,3,3 parameters. Is it not a used a great deal in coordination with other indicators? I see a great deal of information above the 50 mark.
Thank you for any assistance as this is a great place for information.

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  • I wasn't aware this is a popular use of Full K (I always thought it KxD below 20).

    It's not quite as straightforward as it seems.

    The first condition is pretty straight forward - just %K crosses above %D.

    and [Full Stoch %K(14,3,3) x Full Stoch %D(14,3,3)]

    So that says, yesterday %K was less than %D and today %K is more than %D.

    Now, when you say the crossover was between 20 and 50, what do you mean?

    Remember, both %K AND %D have changed values since the previous bar. %D may have been below 20 yesterday, or, it may be above 50 today. Do those instances count?

    So, if %D was less than 20 yesterday, but above 20 today, do you want to include it?

    If yes, then write

    and [Full Stoch %D(14,3,3) > 20]

    if no,

    and [1 day ago Full Stoch %D(14,3,3) >20]

    Then, if %D was less than 50 yesterday, but above 50 today, do you want to include it?

    If yes,

    and [1 day ago Full Stoch %D(14,3,3) < 50]

    if no,

    and [Full Stoch %D(14,3,3) < 50]

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