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Page NOT FOUND 404 ERROR ???

It's been while since I used this StockCharts Answer Network. Today, EACH TIME I click on "results" to read others' advice, I get, "Page Not Found--404 error". Has this site been ported to another server with a different URL? Or is the site merely not responding today? Site is a great reference tool. Hope it is still functioning and supported.

Thanks in advance


  • I can't reproduce the message. It's possible the site, or parts of it, were down temporarily for maintenance. That often gets done on weekends because traffic is lower.
  • MARKD: thank you. It happens when I use the SEARCH BOX. After reading your message I tried again with simple searches like ROC or PCT etc and the original posts do appear. Then click on "Results" under each/any post bring up PAGE NOT FOUND. I've tried approx a dozen different terms/searches all the same. Thanks for your attention. This site truly rocks. Glad it is still active. YOU and it contributed a long way to my ability to build scans. Thanks.
  • @8Asteroids8

    OK. Now I see what you mean.

    The "3 results" or "5 results" appear to refer to the number of entries under the topic retrieved. If you click on the title of the topic itself, it takes you to the question and all the answers. So if you click on the title, you are not missing anything.

    The "results" link was probably a programmer oversight - it shouldn't have been coded as a link, just simple text (or omitted altogether).
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