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Time Frame

I have been wondering something for quite a while. I'm not very articulate so this may be a bit confusing. When writing a scan does (1 Week ago) mean exactly the same thing as (Last Week)? I wonder if ( Last Week) might mean the close on last Friday while (1 Week Ago) might mean 5 days ago instead. So, if I ask my scan to pick from Last week, it will chose stocks that meet my criteria as of the close on last Friday. But, if I ask my scan to pick from 1 Week Ago, it might choose stocks from 5 days ago instead? If I run my scan on Wednesday asking for last week, does it use last Friday's close, but if I ask my scan to chose from 1 week ago, it does it use last Wednesday instead?


  • My understanding is, completed weekly data is as of the Friday close.

    The current week's data begins with the Monday open and ends with the most recent update any time until the next Friday close. The current week stays the current week over the weekend until the next Monday open. As of the Monday open, when a new bar begins, the previous Friday close becomes "last week's" or "1 week ago".

    So the best time to run a weekly scan to get unambiguous results you can verify on a chart is over the weekend.

    If you run a weekly scan mid week, last week or 1 week ago is the close as of the most recent Friday, and this week is as of the most recent update.
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