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Simple Price alerts not coming thru via text

Noticing a few alerts are not coming thru,,, how often does it update and look for price alerts? Etrade simple price alerts on Pro dont work anymore and I thought I found something here to work with, but apparantly not because when scalping for .20-.50 this doesnt seem to be fast enough???


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    I would not attempt to day trade via Stockcharts. It is not designed for that purpose. The data feed is not continuous which is necessary for day trading - the best you can get is 5 second refresh with a pro subscription and that is way too slow to scalp. It's ok for getting a better price on a longer trade, but not for in and out trading.
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    I have a pro subscription and I just recently started using alerts to notify me. As best that I can tell, it might take a few minutes to run my scans and alert me via a text message. So far, my email alerts don't work at all but that problem might somehow be on my end.
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