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Writing scan to find stocks when their 8 sma crosses their 13 sma up

I would like to know the format for this scan. I can't figure it out and need help.

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  • gordgord admin
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    Lots of examples in the Scanning documentation, just look under the ChartSchool tab and go to the Technical Scanning section. Also look at the predefined scans, there is often one that is exactly what you are looking for, or one that you can just modify or use parts of it in your own scan.

    I won't write the scan for you but will help you learn how to do it yourself. Reading all the training documentation will help greatly. But here's a hint to help get you started.

    Have a look at the library of predefined scan definitions and coding, notice near the top of the list is "Bullish 50/200 MA Crossover". I've copied the coding below, let us know if you have trouble figuring out what you need to modify.

    and [today's sma(50,close) > today's sma(200,close)]
    and [yesterday's sma(50,close) <= yesterday's sma(200,close)]

    cheers Gord

    PS; I've also changed your post to a question rather than a discussion, you can find that option in the dropdown tab to start a new discussion. Also moved your question from the "SharpCharts" section to "Scanning".


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