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I am trying to create a custom relative strength filter using the following equation. Please help.

This does not seem to be applying any filter criteria:
and [70 < [100 * [[0.4*[close/close(13)] + [0.2*[close/close(26)]*2] + [0.2*[close/close(39)]*3] + [0.2*[close/close(52)]*4]]]]]

Basically the expression should perform the calculation and then only include a ticker whose result is greater than 70.

I think I understand that "close" may not be used with the #of week included in these () but I do not know how to perform this function.

Your assistance would be greatly appreciated.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    close(13), close(26), etc. are not valid expressions (not valid functions) in the scan engine's language. You can explore the scan engine's syntax here:

    I'm guessing you mean the close thirteen days ago, or 26 days ago, etc. You would express that

    13 days ago close

    26 days ago close


    If you make those substitutions and still don't get results you expect, post the entire scan and we (me and others) will take a look.
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