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I would like to have my scans select only FOREX. How does one do that?

Is there a way to have scans run over only the FOREX charts available on SC?


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    Apparently, there is no forex group or sector you can name in a scan, so you can't use [group is...] or [sector is...].
    (Anybody correct me if I am wrong about this.)

    However, the various forex pairs symbols are offered in a common format $AAABBB, where AAA is one currency and BBB the other currency, so you can use the "contains" or "not contains" operators to include or exclude them from your scans.

    For instance, if you want all USD pairs only:

    [exchange is NASD]
    and [symbol contains 'USD']

    If you want all USD and AUD pairs, or other combinations, then

    [exchange is NASD]

    [symbol contains 'USD']
    [symbol contains 'AUD']

    If you want to exclude some pairs, you would add

    and [symbol NOT CONTAINS 'JPY']
    and [symbol NOT CONTAINS 'CHD']

    Note there are also crypto pairs that follow this format, but "exchange is NASD" should exclude them.

    If you want ONLY crypto, your first line should be

    [exchange is CRYPT]

    If you want crypto in addition to traditional forex pairs, then your first line should be

    [[exchange is NASD] or [exchange is CRYPT]] // note the double parens at beginning and end of statement

    To find the symbols for all the forex and crypto pairs, put "forex" into the symbol search box at the top of the page, you will get several pages of results including symbols and country pairs.

    It might make sense to to scan first for just the symbols you want and put the results in one or more lists. Then include the list names instead of the forex symbol conditions in your technical conditions scan(s).
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