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Range within a bar

I tried a few ways but just not getting it. I am looking to find stocks that; the range today today falls within the upper 35% of yesterday's range.



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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    Today's high is less than yesterday's high

    Today's low is greater than yesterday's low plus yesterday's range times .35

    If you have trouble writing it in scan language, post what you have.
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    I have this, but not coming up with what I am looking for

    [high <= yesterday high]
    and [yesterday range > today range]
    and [yesterday close > yesterday open]
    and [low > [yesterday low + yesterday range*.35]]

    This is the type of scan I am trying to do (the 2nd bar can be either red or green)


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    [exchange is NYSE]

    // larger range yesterday
    and [1 day ago range > today's range]

    // yesterday's close in top quarter of yesterday's range
    and [1 day ago close > 1 day ago low + [range * .75]]

    // yesterday's open in bottom quarter of yesterday's range
    and [1 day ago open < 1 day ago low + [range * .25]]

    // today's high is equal or below yesterday's high
    and [high <= 1 day ago high]

    // today's low is in top 65 % of yesterday's range
    and [low > 1 day ago low + [1 day ago range*.35]]
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    Thanks very much. Works nicely.
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