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Weekly converted to Daily

Yesterday I created several (Daily) charts, then converted them to Weekly, changed CandleSticks to OHLC Bars, reset the SMAs, etc. Since then, StockCharts has converted all of these back to Daily CandleSticks, etc. (At no time did I check "Use this format for all of my charts", or whatever it says there.) This is extremely irritating. What happened, and how can I prevent it from happening again?


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited January 2022
    If you make changes to a chart and want to keep them, you can save them in several different ways. But if you don't save them, they are not permanent. That makes it easier to play around with the settings and not have to undo everything if you are not happy with the changes.

    If you are working with settings for individual symbols, and not creating a style (a group of settings) for many charts, then you can use the Save and Save As options, as explained here:

    If you want to save a group of settings to apply to many symbols, you can save the settings as a style with the Add New option. So you might have one (or more) style(s) for daily charts, others for weekly and monthly charts, others for indexes, sectors, industries, etc. You can assign styles to buttons on the upper left of the chart to move through your styles quickly (e.g. to see the same symbol in daily, weekly and monthly styles click on each button instead of opening the drop down, scrolling through your styles and clicking to select a new one).

    You can change a style's name, or the button its assigned to by clicking "Edit Properties". You can also Delete a style, or use Replace to save changes to a style without changing the name.

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