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1 Day ago

Is it possible to require or make a whole expression 1 Day ago without writing 1 Day ago for each component of the expression? As an example; [[Close > SMA(20)] and [Open < Close] and [MACD Hist(3,6,0) > 0.0] and [MACD Line(12,26,9) < MACD Signal(12,26,9)] and [MACD Hist(48,103,36) < 0.0] and [MACD Hist(72,156,54) < 1 Day ago MACD Hist(72,156,54)] and [SMA(20,RSI(14)) < 1 Day ago SMA(20,RSI(14))] and [[RSI(14) < SMA(20,RSI(14))] or [[MACD Hist(48,103,36) < 1 Day ago MACD Hist(48,103,36)] and [MACD Line(48,103,36) < 1 Day ago MACD Line(48,103,36)]] or [[SMA(14) < 1 Day ago SMA(14)] and [SMA(20) < 1 Day ago SMA(20)]]]] is one of my rare profit signals, expression, and I may want to get short the very next day if certain other criteria are met....if price falls. Can I somehow write 1 Day ago ahead of the whole thing or will I have to insert 1 day ago ahead of every individual criteria in the whole thing? Trying to save space again. Thanks


  • You can't do it the way you suggested.

    But you can run the scan as of 1 day ago (or many days ago) if you select a date from the calendar drop down above the scan window (where it says, Starting 0 trading days ago...). Click on the 0 to get a calendar.
  • Thanks, I am using it in a larger scan. It's just that it takes up a whole lot more room
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