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RSI crossing up Thru it’s moving average line.

Trying to set up a scan for a RSI(7) Line crossing up thru it’s (3) SMA Line. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited March 2022
    The sma function takes two parameters - the length of the moving average and the value to be averaged - for instance, sma(5, close) is the five period average of the close.

    "close" is the default value (the value used if you don't change anything). Close is a price (like open, high and low), but the function will also take an indicator value. In your case, it would be RSI(7). So,

    sma(3, RSI(7)) // notice the TWO sets of parentheses.

    "x" is the cross above operator. It compares two values across two bars - alpha x beta. In the first bar, the value on the left (alpha) is below the value on the right (beta). In the second bar, the the value on the left is above the value on the right.

    (note this can happen in several ways - both values increase, but alpha increases more; alpha increases and beta decreases, alpha increases and beta stays the same, alpha stays the same but beta decreases, both decrease, but alpha decreases less)

    So, you want the RSI (on the left) to cross above its average (on the right):

    and [RSI(7) x sma(3, RSI(7))]

  • Thank you for your help-setup worked great. Greatly appreciated.
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