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ACP Chartlist to SharpChart Chartlist???

If I have a chartlist in ACP but want to make a SharpChart list copy of it, how is that done?? My hope was I could export the ACP list to make it easy but I cannot find that option. Further, it seems I can only make a new ACP list in ACP vs making a SharpChart list. I ask because I deleted the SmartChart version of a very long list I typed in and I want to avoid having to type the list in again. #lazy


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited April 2022
    I'm still not up to speed on ACP (I'm a very slow tech adopter), but I tried this and it seem to work. There are probably other ways.

    Create a new, empty SharpCharts list with an appropriate name.

    On the scan workbench, run a scan that is JUST the name of your ACP list. To do this, delete the default test in the scan window. Then select the ACP list from the ChartLists drop down under the scan window and click "Add". ACP lists are at the bottom. Delete the word "and" from in front of you ACP list name.

    Run the scan.

    Save the results using "replace" and select the new, empty SharpCharts chart list.

    I didn't try it, but I think it would work in reverse to get a SharpCharts list into ACP.
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