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Slope of Moving Average

Hi There,

Quick question! Is it possible to scan for the slope of a moving average? In other words, I want to scan for stocks on the daily or weekly timeframe with moving averages increasing (moving upward) rather than decreasing or being flat. Thanks!


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    two ways I can think of:

    [group is sp500]
    and [Slope(5, sma(5,close)) > 0]

    Another way:

    and [sma(5, close) > 5 days ago sma(5, close)]

    A possible problem you might run into is that the MA has turned down, but not yet gone below its starting value - that would give you a positive slope but the turn may already be under way.

    To eliminate those, also check for a more recent value:

    and [sma(5,close) > 1 day ago sm(5, close)]

    That tells you the rise is still on.
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