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Volume Scan Filter Help

I would like to add the filter "volume greater than the previous 10 days" to the following Syntax. I tried but could not get it to work. Can someone help?

[type is stock]
AND[country is US]
AND [exchange is NASDAQ]
AND [name not contains 'Fund']
AND [name not contains 'ETF']
AND [name not contains 'ETN']
AND [name not contains 'iShares']
AND [name not contains 'PowerShares']
AND [Today's Low < 1 Day Ago Low]
AND [Today's Close >= Today's High * 0.75] // Close is within 75% of the High

Best Answer

  • markdmarkd mod
    Answer ✓
    Try this:

    and [volume = max(11, volume)]

    It helps to think of different ways of saying the same thing. So, "volume greater than the previous ten days" could also be "today's volume is the highest (or maximum) volume in the last eleven days".

    You can get a clue to how the scan engine programmers look at different problems by checking out the functions page, and then see if they express in a different way things that you are also thinking of. Sometimes, if you have an original way of looking at things, you have to invent the wheel, so to speak, and come up with your own code, but often somebody has been there before, so you don't.


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