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Volume scan

Guys, I need again your help. I am running this scan "[volume > 1 day ago max(13, volume) * 1.5]" and it is working well as "end of day" scan. How can I make it work "intraday"? Thanks in advance for your help, it is much appreciated.


  • If you run it as is intraday, it should work. The scan engine "assumes" the last intraday update is the close for that day.

    However, it is likely you won't get as many hits intraday because - 1 it takes time for volume to accumulate, except in special cases where there is news during the day, and 2 - because for many stocks a very large portion of the day's volume occurs right at the close.
  • many thanks for your help! I´ll still try to find a better scan solution to this, maybe playing around this as start: today's volume > today's SMA(13,volume)
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