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Stocks that peaked between October 2021 - Feb 2021 and have been on a downtrend ever since?

Hi there,

I'm looking for a way to scan stocks that peaked around October 2021-Feb 2021 and have been on the downtrend ever since. What would be a good way of scanning for a high in that range and then seeing the downtrend till now? Here's an example taken from Uber's chart.


  • This will include some symbols that fit what you are looking for, but like most scans will also pick up things that aren't exactly what you want. Since this is a one time scan, it makes more sense to just delete the unwanted charts from the results than spend time refining the scan.

    [group is SP500] // or whatever you want

    // the lowest low of the most recent three months is the lowest in a year;
    // this makes it more likely, but doesn't guarantee the stock is in a down trend

    and [monthly min(3,monthly low) = monthly min(12,monthly low)]

    // the six month high looking back beginning 15 months ago is the highest high in the past 22 months
    // you might want to check whether those numbers correspond to the months you want

    and [15 months ago monthly max(6, monthly high) = monthly max(22, monthly high)]
  • This is great, really appreciate this! I will tweak the last part to adjust to the months im looking for
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