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Sqeeze Condition

How do I scan for Bullush and Bearish breakout like this.


  • Basically, this is a range breakout. They are hard to catch because the lengths of ranges vary a lot, so finding a "universal" parameter set is pretty difficult.

    You could experiment with channel breakouts or maybe Bollinger Band breakouts.

    I don't use BB, so you are on your own experimenting with parameters there. I think you would want a line for high crosses above the upper BB, or low crosses the lower BB, and a line (or lines) to catch narrowing BB lines.

    For channels, you would scan for high above yesterday's upper channel, and then for a flat channel before that. So, maybe something like

    and [high x Upper Price Chan(10)]
    and [2 days ago Upper Price Chan(10) = 7 days ago Upper Price Chan(10)]

    You would want to fool around with the channel length 10 and the length of flat channel (2 to 7). Not the last number (7 in this example) has to be shorter than the channel length (10).

    You might also want to test for a rising lower channel of some length, Maybe lower price chan 30 > 40 days ago lower price chan 30. Just guessing on the parameters.
  • Thanks Mark
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