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Syntax Error

Something is wrong with this syntax. Help
and [yesterday's close >= (yesterday's lower BB(20,2)) - (0.05*yesterday's close BB Width(20,2))]


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited June 2022
    0.05 * yesterday's close BB Width(20,2)

    You can't say "close BB Width(20,2)" ; it has to be either "close", or "BB Width(20,2)".

    Also, use brackets[ ] , not parens ( ) for grouping expressions. Parens are reserved for functions [like sma( ), BB Width, etc.]

    I'm guessing you want the close to be near the lower BB within a fraction (.05) of the BB Width. If so, this passes syntax:

    and [yesterday's close >= yesterday's lower BB(20,2) - [yesterday's BB Width(20,2) * .05]]

    I didn't run it to test the logic, just checked the syntax.
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    Thanks Mark
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