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Scanning for Beginner

I have a scan that works (thanks to those here who gave advice) but it works only on daily charts. Can I edit the scan in order to use it on 60 minute or 2 hour charts as well by changing the "1 day ago" etc portions dealing with "time" to "1 hour ago" or "2 hours ago"? If so, I suppose I would have to use the "Last Intraday Update" function.

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    gordgord admin
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    No the scan engine works on daily or weekly data. However you can run a daily scan on a "Last Intraday Update" basis.

    This type of intraday scan means that all the values at the time you run the scan will be considered the closing values for that day. This works well for price based data but be careful with anything which is based on volume. As volume is cumulative thru the day, ie the total volume at the open will be zero and then build thru the day. So if you were looking for the volume today to be greater than the total volume for yesterday, well thats not going to happen at 10:00 AM, if it does happen it will be later in the day.
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