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I Want to Hire a Coder

Hi Support team,
I am a Stock Charts subscriber.
I wish to use Stock Charts screeners and scanners.
I wish to hire a coder that can fluently code Stock Charts data to create my stock pick lists daily
(--using end of day data)
Please have the coder contact me, or provide their contact info.


  • markdmarkd mod
    edited October 2022
    Just to be clear, this is a user-maintained site whose members are (but do not have to be) Stockcharts subscribers. This is NOT the official Stockcharts Support team.

    If a s.c.a.n. member wants to take up your offer, s/he should contact you by clicking on your s.c.a.n. user name (barc) above to go to your "wall", and send you a private message via the message button there (top right). The messages are private and go to your emails, but do not reveal your email address to sender or recipient.

    Since this is a public forum, it's probably better not to publish personal information where everyone can see it, including the wall.
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