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Moving average crossover in the last 5 days

i want to scan for all the stocks that had 10EMA crossing over 20EMA in the last 5 days. Thx in advance.


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    markdmarkd mod
    edited December 2022
    The easiest and most accurate way is to run this code for today:

    and [ema(10, close) x ema(20,close)]

    Then re-run the scan for each of the last four days by adjusting the calendar tool " Starting 0 trading days before the..." above the scan window. Click on the zero and select yesterday's date. Repeat for each date.

    If you want one scan, you would need to write a more complicated "or" routine.


    [ema(10, close) x ema(20,close)]


    [1 day ago ema(10, close) x 1 day ago ema(20,close)]


    [ 2 days ago ... ]




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