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I am using ADX(2) as part of my short term scanning formula. It would be very helpful if I could somehow use ADX(1.5) or ADX1.75) instead. ADX(1) does not meet my needs. Is there some way within where this could be done. Thanks.


  • It appears the scan engine syntax does not accommodate decimals.

    If you are attempting to fine tune entries, I would say go down a time frame, except you can't scan (so far) below the daily time frame (e.g hourly or half hourly).

    An alternative would be to select a small universe of stocks, maybe 10, that behave in a way that fits your method (i.e. frequently offers profitable entries - "frequently" being a relative thing) and watch those stocks in a lower time frame, rather than scan for "strangers".
  • Good idea-always appreciate your prompt and thoughtful insights to my questions. Will give it a try. Always trying to isolate initial momentum start points by pin pointing validations in the charting. Always wanted to ask this question. Perhaps some developer at StockCharts may be monitoring our discussions. Thanks again for your suggestions.
  • Thanks-appreciate your advice as always.
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