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Scanning for PPO Line(1,3,2) and PPO Signal(1,3,2,) to Above candle on same day

I noticed there are candles above or below my PPO indicator as well as varying numerical scales to the right of the indicator. Using
PPO Line(1,3,2) and PPO Signal(1,3,2) I am trying to set up a scan that will give me those stocks where BOTH of these PPO Line (1,3,2) and PPO Signal(1,3,2) Lines cut up through the 0 line on the SAME day and to ABOVE the candle that is generated for a stock that appears ABOVE the 0 Line. Given that the candles are of varying heights and the scale to the right of the 0 Line has varying numerical scales I am at a lost as to how to set this up. Thanks for anyone’s help.


  • The cross above operator is "x", which looks for situations where yesterday's value is below some level (like 0) and today's value is above some level.


    and PPO line x 0
    and PPO signal x 0

    (you supply correct syntax)

    The third value I think you are looking for is PPO Hist - which is the difference between PPO Line and PPO Signal, represented by a bar (a histogram bar, not a candle) that always begins at 0 and extends either up or down from 0 depending on whether the difference between Line and Signal is positive (Line above Signal) or negative.

    They should all be on the same scale. So, you would add

    and PPO line > PPO hist
    and PPO signal > PPO hist

    If you really do mean a price candle (i.e. the indicator is overlaid on price) then you can't do that and get a meaningful result.

    Here's the chart school article on PPO:
  • Thanks-tried what you suggest and scan results do sort out all stocks that have both of my defined lines running above the histogram bar, on the same day. Thank you for defining the histogram bars and how to run the scan. Most appreciated.
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