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Balance of Power (BOP) Indicator

Is there an indicator in Stockcharts that resembles Balance of Power (BOP) Indicator? Maybe Force Index? Thanks! Cal

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  • gordgord admin
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    This indicator is proprietary to Worden Brothers,TC2000 platform. Here's a little more detail for those who may want to compare it to the many many indicators available at StockCharts. I'm sure there is one that will be similar, you'll just have to do a little digging into the ChartSchool articles on each indicator.

    "BOP is the exclusive intellectual property of Worden Brothers, Inc. It was developed by Don Worden...." of Power (BOP).htm


  • Gord, thanks. I was aware of the Worden ownership and like the BOP Indicator. I look further and an pretty sure one of the volume/price indicators will be close. Thanks!
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